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Read Exciting Sermon Summaries That Will Change Your Life

Here's What We Do

We take you into depths in the knowledge of God’s Word

We Listen

Led by the Holy Spirit, we choose anointed Christian messages from proven ministers of the gospel of Christ. Listen to them, and then write summaries to share with you.

We Learn

Every man is a sum of what they are exposed to. So when I expose myself to listen to Anointed messages from Anointed ministers, I learn from them and proceed gradually into practicing these things.

We Share

As I listen and learn, it’s also my responsibility to share. For I am blessed to be a blessing to others. As I believe you would learn to do the same with my reviews, to your friends and loved ones. When you give, you multiply.

About KSR

Kingdom Sermons Review is a store house for the wisdom of God, through His Word. This store house comprises of written articles or content from the spoken words of God by Anointed Ministers of the gospel of Christ. Whether through Tapes, CDs, DVDs, Mp3, or Video formats.

We are in the last days, and God’s desire is to fill the nations with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord. Habakkuk 2:14, Daniel 12:4.

Perhaps you haven’t had time to listen to a 1 or 2 hours message, you can read an excerpt from the same message in 10 minutes. The goal is simple, you need to know God. And nothing is big enough to hinder the Good News of Christ Jesus from getting to you.

Paul said, “…I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some. 1Corinthians 9:22. This is why I Listen, Learn, and Share. So that like I have grown, you may grow too.

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