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I was born into the Christian faith by my wonderful parents. But I wasn’t saved until I was 25. All this time, I was in Church, particularly in the choir. Singing the songs I loved. To a God who Loved me too much; but the issue was I never knew the one I sang about.

One day, after my youth service year I found myself on a sofa in my living room. Contemplating about my life, and all I had done. I was to displeased and I asked Jesus into my life as I didn’t want to continue in that path no more. Right there and then I was saved and few days from that day I received the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

After this encounter, I became very dissatisfied with the word from my local church. And I began to seek God with all my strength. This was how God took me away from home, I then joined another local church. In this new place, I met some people who taught me to listen to messages from some Anointed men of God.

This is how I began to grow in Faith and Grace. Until God began to give me instructions to carry out. One of which is why you are reading this now. And I am saying to you, if you do the same you will grow too.

"For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Glory of the Lord as the waters cover the see."
Habakkuk 2:14

About KSR

Kingdom Sermons Review is a store house for the wisdom of God, through His Word. This store house comprises of written articles or content from the spoken words of God by Anointed Ministers of the gospel of Christ. Whether through Tapes, CDs, DVDs, Mp3, or Video formats.

We are in the last days, and God’s desire is to fill the nations with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord. Habakkuk 2:14, Daniel 12:4.

Perhaps you haven’t had time to listen to a 1 or 2 hours message, you can read an excerpt from the same message in 10 minutes. The goal is simple, you need to know God. And nothing is big enough to hinder the Good News of Christ Jesus from getting to you.

Paul said, “…I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some. 1Corinthians 9:22. This is why I Listen, Learn, and Share. So that like I have grown, you may grow too.

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