Obedience Out Weighs Sacrifice

Obedience Out Weighs Sacrifice

Obedience is the greatest sacrifice man will ever offer to God; because of how much it cost or its value, and I am privileged to understand this fact.

Since I am writing about truths from scriptures, let me take my definition from God’s word. It was Jesus’s mother who told the servants present at the only wedding feast recorded in scriptures that he attended, to; “do whatever He tells you”. This is how I define obedience, “doing whatever God says”. No matter what the strain, pain, difficulty, impossibility, or challenge may be.

On the other hand, even though obedience is a great sacrifice. In this context, a sacrifice represents a choice to replace obedience with a lesser or more convenient option.

Prayer, for example, is a great feat to accomplish. In fact in the new testament, prayer is a great deal of sacrifice that is mostly not negotiable for victory in the face of challenges. But as great as it is, it cannot take the place of obedience. Can you imagine Abraham praying all night to reverse God’s instruction to go offer Isaac by the break of dawn?

What about him giving all his sheep and cattle he had as a sacrifice to God, in an attempt to escape obedience? The list from this point can go on and on. Whether it’s fasting for 100 days or climbing a mountain, whatever it is, can never replace the simplicity of obedience.

There are three phases of God’s will for his children, and obedience is the only factor that takes a man into the highest of these phases. There is the goodwill of God. There is also the acceptable will of God, and then there is the perfect will of God Rom 12:2.

Obedience Out Weighs Sacrifice

The goodwill represents God’s general purposes for man. It is God’s will that you go to school, it is God’s will to get married. It is God’s will to have a job or run a business. All these are good or may I say great. But because our purposes are different, we all may not go in the same direction.

Most believers spend their entire life on earth living in this generic will of God. They don’t matter to God’s kingdom on the earth. They are more like unbelievers, because they live all their lives after the flesh, “what they want, not what God wants”.

In the Acceptable will of God, God begins to get personal with you. Going to school is good but that may not be his emphasis for you. But because you will not stop asking for school, he then accepts your request even though that’s not his desire at the time.

We see this in the case of Balaam, another instance is Israel when they asked for a king. God gave them even though that wasn’t his desire for them. In this phase there is danger, you are not safe. You will experience difficulties and many challenges.

Now in God perfect will is where God wants us to be. I can say this is the truly narrow way, most times hard on your flesh. Obedience is the only way to get here. Most times you may never have a clue of what God is up to, but because you trust in his love for you–you obey.

Walking In God perfect will begins with finding yourself in God. You can’t walk in God’s perfect will if you haven’t found out God’s calling for your life.

I have some questions for you from here:

– What has God asked you to do?
– Have you found God’s will for your life?
– Are you currently doing what he sent you to do?

If you can’t positively answer these questions, I think it’s safe to say that you aren’t walking in God’s will and therefore, you are outside the path of obedience.

Obedience is not about what you like, it is rather about what God wants. Jesus said, “He that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone; for I do always those things that please him John 8:29”.

What have I said in all this? Doing God’s will is better than doing work for God. God’s will is what produces the work and not vice versa.

Obedience is the greatest sacrifice you will ever pay. Any sacrifice outside obedience will not produce the right fruits. And there is danger in living outside God’s perfect will for you per time.

God bless You

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