The Ministry of Life by Apostle Arome Osayi – Summary

The Ministry of Life by Apostle Arome Osayi – Summary

Main Summary: The Ministry of Life by Apostle Arome Osayi was the first message of the International Eagles Conference 2020. In it, he depicted the two positions a minister of the Gospel can stand to minister from. He showed the very obvious outcome of each position. Which is either a ministration of Life or Death.

Main Lessons

1. The Contrast between Babylon and The New Jerusalem.
2. The choice of a source to live from.
3. The choice of a principle to operate with.
4. The choice of a law to live by.

In a time where false teachers and prophets have become so heavily multiplied. As John did in his first epistle to the saints, I’ll recommend that you test every spirit. Not just what anyone says or what you can see.

God’s servant began this charge from the book of Ezekiel 22:23-26. Talking about God’s case against the teachers and prophets of Israel at that time.

They had left God’s standards and had become inconsistent. Their choice however to operate from this position brought the people into slavery and oppression.

The Ministry of Life by Apostle Arome Osayi

The Contrast Between Babylon & The New Jerusalem For A Minister

From Revelation 17:1-5; God’s servant showed how that Babylon was situated in the wilderness. She was described as a whore and so common such that all the kings of the earth had had pleasure with her.

This location is where the false minister and all who aren’t from God minister from.

On the other hand, from Revelation 21:10-12, He showed us the New Jerusalem, which represents the church in her glorified state. John had to be taken into a high mountain. This location is not common.

The New City is known by Holiness. It must be sought for if it will ever be found. Not just at the reach of anyone.

This is significant to show that every minister of the word is either ministering from Babylon or the Holy city—The New Jerusalem.

Also, the above phenomenons, he said; were present at the garden of Eden as; “The Tree of Life & The Trees of The Knowledge of Good and Evil.”

The Choice of Source—by a Minister

There are distinctively only two sources to operate from by every minister. Both of which will require a choice.

The sources are The Tree of Life and The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The source you choose will determine your strategy, approach, and results.

If you choose to minister from the tree of life, then there is a path you must follow, and that’s the Narrow way. No carrying extra baggage. If life is the path you want to walk in, you must check your source.

The Choice of Principle —by a Minister

Whatever principle you are using will show in the house you are building.

There are also two basic principles for the minister. They are;

• Dependence
• Independence

Every minister of life must live by the principle of depending solely on Jesus John15:4. According to God’s servant, you must recognize the place of Headship.

It is dependence on Jesus that’ll produce life in your ministration. And only life can bring transformation to mankind. If your ministry is not transforming life’s then it’s more of Babylon that it is of the New Jerusalem.

The Choice of Law—by a Minister

There are only two laws to operate from.

• The Law of sin unto death and
• The Law of the spirit of life in Christ (Grace)

The Apostles according to Acts 4:33 were known and separated as ministers of life by great grace.

Grace only flows in the direction of God’s will. It is operated from a throne Hebrews 4:16: and until you align to the demands and jurisdictions of that throne grace doesn’t flow.

As New Testament ministers, we are the circumcision, identified by three things Philippians 3:3;

• We worship God in the Spirit
• We rejoice in Christ Jesus
• We have no confidence in the flesh.

In conclusion for us to be and remain, ministers of Life, we must;

• Live from one source—The Tree of life.
• Live by one principle—Dependence and
• Live by one law—The Law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.

A good question you can answer now, whether you are a minister or not is, what law, source, or principle you are living by? You can leave your questions and comments below this post–I’ll be sure to follow up with you.

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